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Exploring My Toronto

I have had a career as a travel writer for many years, yet, for no explicable reason, I have never written about my hometown. I was born, bred and educated in Toronto and I am justifiably proud of what is arguably the most vibrant multi-cultural metropolis in the world. Resulting from this merry melting pot

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Whistling Straits and the All American Dream at Destination Kohler

“The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody would put a flagstick on top…golf is not a fair game so why build a fair golf course.” Those are the “fighting words” of feisty golf architect Pete Dye, a gentleman renowned for his brilliant and challenging golf tracts worldwide. I am playing Dye’s Whistling Straits

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I Love New York

After a recent visit to The Big Apple, I’m happy to report that you don’t have to be related to the Rockefellers to enjoy this multi-faceted metropolis. From freebies to bargains to a few well-deserved indulgences, here’s where to save and splurge in the city that never sleeps.   All prices approximated in U.S. dollars. The

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Where to S or Sclone

  We dyed in the wool Torontonians have maintained a long-time rivalry with Vancouverites. They think that we think the world (Canada) revolves around us and we think that they think they live in Canada’s most beautiful city—with real estate prices to prove the point. However, I must confess that my recent trip to Vancouver

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